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Jiayang Sun
Professor of Epidemiology & BioStatistics





Selected Papers

  • Richard Charnigo and Jiayang Sun (2010), ``Asymptotic Relationships Among the D-Test, the Likelihood Ratio Test, and the Modified Likelihood Ratio Test for Homogeneity,'' Statistica Sinica, Volume 20 Number 2, 497-512.

  • N. Robbins, Z. Zhang, J. Sun, M. Ketter, J. Lalumandier, and R. Shulze (2010), ``Lead exposure and uptake in teeth in the Cleveland area during the era of leaded gasoline," Science of the Total Environment. September 2010 Volume 408, Issue 19, Pages 4118-4127
  • Raymond S.R. Ku, Jiayang Sun and Yiying Fan (2009) "Does Copyright Law Promote Creativity? An Empirical Analysis of Copyright's Bounty", Vanderbilt Law Review, Vol. 63, 2009; Case Legal Studies Research Paper No. 09-20. Available at SSRN:

  • Sun, J. and Wang, X.~F. (2009). Comment on ``nonparametric prediction in measurement error models'' by Carroll, R.J., Delaigle, A., Hall, P. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 104(407), 1012-1013.

  • Bin Wang and Jiayang Sun (2009), ``Inferences from Biased Samples with a Memory Effect," Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, Vol 139, 441-453.

  • H. Morrison, A. Helmi, J. Sun, R. Go, Peng, Liu et al (2009), ``Fashionably late? Building up Milky Way's Inner Halo." Astrophysical Journal, vol 694, p130-143, Ref: ApJ/300400/ART/177601

  • Yin Fang, Janis J Daly, Jiayang Sun, Ken Hvorat, Eric Fredrickson, Svetlana Pundik, Winod Sahgai and Guang H Yue (2009), "Functional Corticomuscular Connection During Reaching Is Weakened Following Stroke," Clinical Neurophysiology, 120, 994-1002.

  • Andrey Feuerverger, Peter Kim and Jiayang Sun (2008), "On Optimal Uniform Deconvolution," Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice, Volume 2, No. 3, September 2008, 433-451

  • Richard Charnigo and Jiayang Sun (2008) ``Testing Homogeneity in Discrete Mixtures,'' Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, Vol 138/5 pp 1368-1388.

  • Bogie, K., Wang, X., Baowei Fei and J. Sun (2008), ``Getting More out of Pressure Mapping: A New Technique for Interface Pressure Analysis,'' Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, 45(4), 523-536.

    Bin Wang and Jiayang Sun (2008), ``Estimation of Rare Events from Biased Sampling,'' American Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciences, Vol 28, Nos 3 and 4, 337-357.

  • Rongfang Gu, Jiayang Sun, Xiaofeng Wang and Guo-Qiang Zhang (2007), ``Simultaneous confidence bands for Analyzing Gene Expression Count Data," 2007 Proceedings of American Statistical Association, Biometrics Section [CD-ROM], Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association: 304-310.

  • Junheng Ma, Jiayang Sun and Joe Sedransk (2007), "How Many Images Are Enough? Bayesian and Non-Bayesian Approaches to Sample Size Determination,'' 2007 Proceedings of American Statistical Association, Section on Bayesian Statistical Science [CD-ROM], Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association: 1369-1374.

  • Peng Liu, Jiayang Sun, and Zhongfa Zhang (2007), "SPCA - A New Feature Selection Procedure for Large-p Data," 2007 Proceedings of American Statistical Association, Section on Statistical computing [CD-ROM], Alexandria, VA: American Statistical Association: 1970-1974.

  • Xiaofeng Wang, Jiayang Sun, Kenneth J. Gustafson and Guang H. Yue (2007), ``Modeling Heterogeneity of Dependence for Analysis of Neuronal Data,'' Statistics in Medicine, Volume 26, Issue 21, Pages 3927-3945.

  • X. Wang, J. Sun, and Kath Bogie (2006), Spatial-Temporal Data Mining Procedure: LASR, IMS LNMS Series, "Recent Developments in Nonparametric Inference and Probability," Vol 50 (2006),213-231.

  • J. Sun and B. Wang (2006), Sieve Estimates for Biased Survival Data, IMS LNMS Series, "Recent Developments in Nonparametric Inference and Probability," Vol 50 (2006),127-143.

  • Gustafson KJ, Moffitt MA, Wang X, Sun J, Snyder SA, Grill WM. (2006), Topography of spinal neurons active during the hindlimb withdrawal reflexes in the decerebrate cat. Neuroscience, 2006 141(4):1983-94.

  • R. Charnigo, J. Sun, R. MuzicJr. (2006), A Semi-Local Paradigm for Wavelet Denoising, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Volume 15, Issue 3, March 2006 Page(s):666 - 677.

  • GQ Zhang, Gongqin Shen, Ye Tian and Jiayang Sun (2006), ``Concept Analysis as a Formal Method for Web-Menu Design,'' Interactive Systems: 12th International Workshop, DVIS 2005, edited by Stephen W. Gilroy, Michael D. Harrison. Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol 3941, pp 173-187. ISSN: 0302-9743.\_15.

  • J. Liu, B. Yao, V. Siemionow, V. Sahgal, X. Wang, J. Sun and G. H. Yue (2005), ``Fatigue Ind uces Greater Brain Signal Reduction During Sustained than Preparation Phase of Maximal Voluntary Contraction,'' Brain Research, Vol 1057, 113-126.

  • John E. George III, Yusra Ahmad, Xiaolin Li, Davood Varghai, Jeffrey Berlin, David Jackowe, Marc Jungermann, Michael S.Wolfe, Lothar Lilge, Ali Totonchi, Rachel L. Morris, Allyn Peterson, W. David Lust, Malcolm E. Kenney, Charles L. Hoppel, Jiayang Sun, Nancy L. Oleinick, and David Dean (2005), ``Pc 4 photodynamic therapy of U87-derived human glioma in the nude rat,'' Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, 36(5):383-9.

  • R Charnigo and J Sun (2004), Testing Homogeneity in a Mixture Distribution via the L^2 Distance Between Competing Models, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 1 June 2004, vol. 99, iss. 466, pp. 488-498(11)

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  • Podgurski, A., Leon, D., Francis, P. and Minch M., Sun, J and Wang, B. (2003), Automated Support for Classifying and Prioritizing Software Failure Reports, Proceedings of Intl. Conf. on Software Engineering, 2003. ICSE 2003, 13% acceptance rate.

  • Jiayang Sun, Heather Morrison, Paul Harding and Michael Woodroofe (2002), Density and Mixture Estimation from Data with Measurement Errors

  • B. Wang and J. Sun (2002), Estimation Problems from Biased Data with Unknown Bias Function and Memory Effect International Conference on Current Advances and Trends in Nonparametric Statistics, Crete, 2002

  • Hemant Ishwaran, Lance James and Jiayang Sun (2001), Bayesian Model Selection in Finite Mixtures by Marginal Density Decompositions, Journal of American Statistical Association, Vol 96, No 456, 1316-1332.

  • Jiayang Sun (2001), Multiple Comparisons for a Large Number of Parameters, Biometrical Journal. Vol 43, No 5, 627-643.

  • Jiayang Sun, Richard Greenblatt and Jonathan Raz (2001), ``A Bioelectromagnetic Inverse Problem,'' Proceedings of the 53rd Session of International Statistical Institute (ISI), Seoul, Korea, August 22-29, 2001, Volume II, Invited Paper, 111-114.
  • Jiayang Sun (1998), Projection Pursuit , Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences (updated volumes), Edited by: Samuel Kotz, Campbell Read, David Banks, and Norman Johnson, Vol. 2, pp 554-560, Wiley.
  • Jiayang Sun (1998), "Projection Pursuit -- a multivariate technique," Encyclopedia of Biostatistics, Vol 5, 3543 - 47. John Wiley and Sons, Chichester, UK. (Edited by: Peter Armitage and Theodore Colton.)

  • S. Snyder, N. Subramanian and J. Sun (1998), Discrimination and Clustering - Can we learn from this big football data set?, Section in Statistics in Professional Sports, JSM, Dallas, August, 1998

  • Jiayang Sun and Michael B. Woodroofe (1997), Semi-parametric Estimates under Biased Sampling , Statistica Sinica. 7, 545-576.

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  • Jiayang Sun and Michael B. Woodroofe (1996), Adaptive Smoothing for a Penalized NPMLE of a non-increasing density , Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, Vol 52, 143-159.

  • JIayang Sun (1995), "Iterative Estimates for a Smoothing Parameter," Statistics and Probability letters, Vol 24, pp 347-356.

  • Julian J. Faraway and Jiayang Sun (1995), "Simultaneous Confidence Bands for Linear Regression with Heteroscedastic Errors," Journal of American Statistical Association. Vol 90, No 431, 1094-1098.

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  • Jiayang Sun (1993), "Tail Probabilities of the Maxima of Gaussian Random Fields," The Annals of Probability, Vol. 21, pp 34-71.

  • M. Woodroofe and J. Sun (1993), "A Penalized Likelihood Estimate of f(0+) When f Is Non Increasing," Statistica Sinica, Vol. 3, No 2, pp 501-515.

  • Jiayang Sun (1993), "Some Computational Aspects in Projection Pursuit," SIAM J. Sci. & Stat. Comp., Vol. 14, No. 1, pp. 68-80.

  • William P. McCormick and Jiayang Sun (1993), "Sums and maxima of discrete stationary processes," Journal of Applied Probability, Vol 30, pp 863-876.

  • Jiayang Sun (1991), "Significance Levels in Exploratory Projection Pursuit," Biometrika, Vol. 78, pp. 759-769.

  • Jiayang Sun (1986), "On Multi-armed Bandit Problem with Nuisance Parameter," Scientia Sinica, (Series A), Vol. XXIX, NO. 5, pp. 464-475.


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