Some edits are done.
From Thu Sep  8 12:49:01 2011
Subject: [stats-help] xrdp is ready for today's lab

Dear Greg & Dr. Sun,

I've just performed a last-minute sanity check on xrdp on the lab 
machines.  We're ready.

xrdp is working on all of the systems (except hilbert) and I've
verified that Splus is working correctly using a new user account.

If we decide to ask users to use the Remote Desktop Client instead of 
Cygwin, I recommend that we ask them to use one of the following servers:

We should also remind them that people who connect to "CaseGuest" get
their traffic throttled.  If the students connect to "CaseGuest", then
they should also turn on their VPN connection.  If they are plugged
into the wired network on campus, or are using the "CaseWireless"
network, they do not need VPN.

Windows users already have a Remote Desktop Client installed.  

Linux users can use the "rdesktop" program (included by default with
Ubuntu and others).  

Mac users can download the Remote Desktop client for free from
Microsoft here.