Printing from Xgobi and Ggobi

Read the following instructions for capturing publication-quality images from ggobi. Sun Sep 21 22:04:32 2008
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 14:49:07 -0400 (EDT)
From: Joe Teagno 
To: Jiayang Sun 
Subject: Printing from ggobi

Dr Sun:

Please find below the instructions for capturing publication-quality 
images from ggobi.


We've decided to use the following solution-- essentially the same as 
those already mentioned-- which is based on a suggestion from Dianne Cook:

(Start out in R, but note that control will flow to ggobi.)

1. Launch R.  (That is, type "R" at a UNIX prompt.)

2. Load the "rggobi" library.  Enter the following at the R prompt:

> library(rggobi)

3. Generate some data for ggobi to plot.  This is an example:

> x=matrix(rnorm(400))

4. Open the data in ggobi:


(At this point, control will flow to ggobi.)

1. Install the package "DescribeDisplay" and its dependencies. [This has 
already been done on all of the departmental systems.]

2. Give focus to the desired plot such that it becomes the current plot.

3. From the "Tools" menu, choose "Save Display Description".  Save the 
file somewhere with a name like "display.R".  Exit from GGobi.

4. Launch R (or return to R) and load the library DescribeDevice:

> library(DescribeDisplay)

5. Read the plot description into R:

> d<-dd_load(file.choose())

(If prompted, enter the filename of the description saved earlier.)

6. Display the plot ("plot(d)" or "ggplot(d)").

While the above isn't as trivial as choosing "File | Print", it does yield 
better output than a simple screenshot.

Thanks to you, Hadley Wickham & Michael Lawrence, for helping us think 
about this issue.  Thanks to Dianne Cook for her instructions which were 
adapted for the above.