Interactive Projection Pursuit

Jiayang Sun, Jeremy Fleischer, Catherine Loader

Version 3, Code and Help Page

IPP is a program that combines the best features of automatic and manual projection pursuit. The program can be installed as a library for S-Plus, which dynamically loads our C and Fortran algorithms*, for conducting both 1 and 2 dimensional PP; it also provides their (1-d and 2-d) P-values. We have tested the program in Splus5 and Splus6 in Linux and Splus3.4 in sunos and SGI. (I do not have Splus6 in Sunos, Splus5 in Sunos is not compatible with our current code.)

* A part of one of Fortran files for 2d PP was modified from ppdeux.f by Friedman, available in STATLIB.