EPBI 415 : General HW Guidelines

Some problems may require programming/coding and data analyses.
  1. No homework nor a project paper should have more than 15 pages.

  2. Do not hand in your computer source code, nor a data set or an unorganized computer output, but indicate the location of your code or output in your EPBI directory, e.g., ~jiayang/xyzhw/e415/hw1.f and ~jiayang/xyzhw/e415/hw1.R,
    for each HW problem. Please test out your code and set an appropriate permission so that only people (e.g. TA) who know the exact path, i.e., ~jiayang/xyzhw/ can run and check it.

  3. For problems that require a report, please include your introduction, numerical results, figures, analyses/comments, conclusions and references (to your code and anything else that you wish to reference). Do not include any figure or computer output that you are not going to discuss in your report.


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