Statistics 326/426, Multivariate Analysis and Data Mining, Spring 2012

Instructor: Professor Jiayang Sun, Office: Yost 326, Phone: 368-0630, e-mail: jsun at case edu,
Office Hrs: TTh 4-4:45pm (subject to change)
Teaching Assistant: Vinay Bhandaru, email: vxb18 at case edu
Office Hrs: MW 11am-1pm @Yost 322, 216-368-1498
Other TAs/Tutors - call stat dept 368-6941 to confirm
Lab Administrator:
Office Hrs: 12-1 MTWTh, and 1-3 W (subject to change) at Yost 335, Phone 368-0417
e-mail: help at stat case edu or stats-help at case edu
Class: 2:45-4:00PM on TTH at Yost 101
Course Description:
Stat 326/426 introduces classical and modern techniques for modeling, analyzing and mining multivariate data. The general outline is: There will be case studies, labs and group discussions. The participation in group discussions is required. Most course information is accessible via my Web page:
Prerequisite: Stat 325/425.
Computing: Splus (or R) and some SAS, Xgobi/Ggobi packages will be used. Read a news report on R from New York Times
Recommended Text:
Other References (most are reserved in the Kevin-Smith library):
Final Examination: 12:30-3:30PM on May 3, 2012
Grading Policy:
The assessment is based on homework assignments (50%) and a final examination (50%).
The assessment is based on homework assignments (45%), an oral presentation (10%) and a final examination (45%). A graduate student's presentation can be based on his/her ongoing research project to which some multivariate data analysis may be useful, or on an interesting topic/article approved by the instructor.
Notes: No late homework! Minimum score to pass the course is 60, out of a 100 scale.