Statistics 207 (Section I)

Statistics for Business and Management Science, I

Fall 1998

10:00-11:15am on Tuesday and Thursday, Bing 204.
Professor Jiayang Sun. Office: Yost 326, Phone: 368-0630, e-mail:
Office Hours: 4 - 5 pm on Tuesday and 11:15 am-12:15 pm on Thursday.
Teaching Assistant or Grader:
Mr. Sreenu Konda. Office: Yost 231, Phone: 368-0417, e-mail:
Office Hours: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm on Friday and 4-6 pm on Monday
Course Outline:
Statistics 207 introduces statistics for business and management science. Topics include organizing and summarizing data, mean, variance, moments, elementary probability, random sampling, discrete and continuous distributions, point and interval estimation and introduction to hypothesis testing.
Web Address:
Gerald Keller and Brian Warrack (1997). Statistics for Management and Economics. 4th Edition, Duxbury Press. ISBN: 054351584. (Chapters 1-10 and maybe part of 11.)
Math 122 or Math 126 or Calculus.
Minitab (optional).
Homework or Quiz:
Assigned weekly on Tuesday. Homework is due on next Tuesday at the end of class and a 10-15 minutes quiz is due on the same day in class. (No late HW or quiz.)
Exam Schedule:
Exam 1: Sep 29, Tuesday, 10 - 12.
Exam 2: Nov 3, Tuesday, 10 - 12.
Final Exam: Dec 15, Tuesday, 12:15 - 3:15 p.m.
Make arrangements for these exam dates early!
Grading policy:
Homework assignments worth 15%, Exam 1 worth 15%, Exam 2 worth 20% and final exam worth 50% -- they make up a total 100 points. There will be upto 5 additional bonus points to your overall score for good class attendance and participation in discussion and office hours.